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Activation tools built for the twenty-first century

Activation tools built for the twenty-first century

Turn followers into fans with customizable action pages. Leverage Meta Conversions API & TikTok Events API to bypass pixel blockers.
landing pages

Engage fans

Turn social media followers into fans. Engage your audience where it matters and forward them to their preffered streaming service to presave or stream your tracks
Smart links
Presave links
Short links
Facebook Post

Track behaviors using big data

Gain realtime insights on your fanbase as they interact with your landing pages. See where they come from, where they go and who they are.
Social sources
Email collection
Analytics charts
Custom Domain

Branded as you, and nobody else

Your action pages are meant to be yours, we do not put the Releese logo anywhere on the page. Use a Releese domain or bring your own in less than 2 clicks.
Customizable subdomain
Bring your own domain
Automatic domain sync
Minimal design
Data driven
Smart link mockup

Your data is yours, forever

We believe in putting rightsholders at the center stage of their audience and their business, and analytics make no exception. Export fans instantly to CSV, attach tracking pixels and keep your data truly yours.
Facebook, TikTok, Google Tag Manager and many more pixels
Export fans to CSV
Meta Conversions API & TikTok Events API
Big data breakdown

Redirect your audience online, and track them in realtime

Short links serve the simple purpose of taking users from one place to another, quickly, and track them in the process. Use the most optimized platform out there to do that and get ridiculously low user turnarounds.
Messenger Chart

Seamless collaborations

Connect your taskboards to your music projects, share work with collaborators and supercharge your release rollouts.

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