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The Cloud that was made for music

The Cloud that was made for music

Manage every facet of your music business in one place. Projects, Teams, Chat, and Distribution—all from Music Cloud.
Metadata management

Stay organized

Manage your tracks metadata and keep a single source of truth. Easily share any data related to an album or recording with collaborators, record labels, publishers or managers.
ISRC and UPC codes
Multiple recording versions
P and C lines
Rights splits
Royalty splits

Keep track of who you work with

Share projects and recordings with other rightsholders. Tag collaborators with their associated credits, royalty splits and key information such as their IPI# and PRO association.
Manage publishing rights
Manage master rights

Legal NameRecord Records Inc.

Legal NameMarkus John
PublisherReleese Innovations Ltd.
Pub IPI012345678

Legal NameMichael Vow
Pub IPI012345678

Legal NameMarkus John
PublisherReleese Innovations Ltd.
Pub IPI012345678
Team projects

The only way you should collaborate

Collaborations and partnerships are at the core of the music industry. Make managing projects simple with tools that were made with that fact in mind.
Create a project
Create a project from your dashboard, put in as much or as little metadata as you like
Invite collaborators
Invite your collaborators to join your project so they can see everything you can
Work together
Work with your collaborators and their teams in realtime with access to every tool available on releese

Work smarter, not harder

Every collaborator has access to every tool available to you on your project, even if they dont have a paid account.
Create and assign tasks to keep things moving
Create landing pages to engage fans
Share financial and streaming analytics with collaborators
Work from anywhere

A dedicated workspace for music

Your audio library and projects go wherever you go with everything being accessible 24/7 from the Cloud.
Easily view your release schedule. A calendar with all your release dates is always a single click away
Keep everyone on track. Everyone has access to the projects they are a collaborator on
A dedicated and secure library for your catalog. No need for any additional tool to share music.

Say goodbye to emails

Instantly share recordings, metadata, rights splits, rightsholder information, videos, and artworks to every collaborator who needs them with dedicated shared folders for any project.
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Seamless collaborations

Connect your taskboards to your music projects, share work with collaborators and supercharge your release rollouts.

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