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Your new digital assistant

Your new digital assistant

Leverage the endless power of AI on Releese. Write lyrics, plan projects, and supercharge your creativity
AI Assisted Releese DocGenerate a marketing plan for an album release, including social media and streaming platforms

Marketing plan

Create a plan and work with your collaborators

Brainstorm workflow ideas using AI generated Releese Tasks. Your creative partner is always online and ready to build with you.
AI Assisted Releese TaskboardWrite a social media schedule with post ideas

Social media strategy

Create unlimited content types

Marketing plan

Write a concept, Releese AI will take care of the rest

Song lyrics

Draft lyrics using a genre, emotions or both

Email pitch

Grab the attention of curators and editors and stand out

Artist presskit

Compose a compelling presskit to get started

Releese tasks

Start your next taskboard using Releese AI


Plan virtually anything you need to get done when uninspired

Social media post

Provide a topic and Releese AI will create an interactive post


Turn long emails into brief ones that actually get read

Song description

Describe how you came up with a song using the help of AI

Write lyrics, marketing plans, or social media strategies in any format

Think bigger by starting with a powerful building block, and let AI expand your knowledge using its infinite creativity.


Turn an idea into an actionable to-do list


Let AI develop a complex paragraph for you

Creative block? Let Releese AI brainstorm ideas for you

Designed to increase creativity and productivity, without losing the human touch. You never need to look at a blank slate ever again.

Don't wait for the future

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Releese AI FAQ

Absolutely, but this is subject to change.
Releese AI is available on the Essential, Pro and Enterprise plans.
Releese AI will most likely be an addon in the future.
Releese AI is an extremely complex tool which will require additional testing.
Releese AI can be used in Releese Docs and Taskboards.