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The only one-stop music biz management platform

The only one-stop music biz management platform

Releese is the complete tech-driven toolkit for music industry pros. Plan more efficiently, collaborate easily, and optimize distribution for maximum monetization.
Full project management from pre-release to post-release
Direct delivery to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & more
Plan, organize & communicate via one intuitive dashboard
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Used by pros, built for everyone

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Releese streamlines my entire release process so I can spend more time on the creative side of music, and less time planning my next rollouts. It's a game changer.
Arman Cekin
Artist, 1m+ monthly listeners
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I have never seen such a well put together all-in-one solution that covers all the bases from track inception to distribution & beyond. I can’t recommend it enough.
Founder, TEAMMBL®, 300k+ followers
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With Releese, we're in full control of our label management journey, effortlessly organized, and always in tune. There is truly no alternative to Releese on the market.
Trap City
Record Label, 15m+ followers

Used by pros, built for everyone

Making music business simpler

Managing your music is a complex process. Juggling tasks like distribution, marketing, and metadata management often involves multiple disconnected platforms. This uncoordinated approach wastes time, costs money, and causes confusion, ultimately slowing your growth and success.Releese is designed to address these challenges. Our platform brings together all the essential tools you need, simplifying your processes and centralizing your operations. From global music distribution and real-time analytics through to rights management and audience engagement, we help to make your workflow seamless and efficient.


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The complete Releese toolkit

We’ve packed seven superpowered tools into our platform. They cover every aspect of the music business, from pre-release to post-release.

All your planning in one place

Calendar Cloud puts you in control of your projects like never before. Streamline your workflows with our integrated planning, execution, and tracking tool. Stay on top of tasks, set deadlines, and keep your team updated in real-time.
Task management
Team updates
Workflow templates
Project tracking
Release date calendar
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Simplify and amplify distribution

Smoothly deliver your music to top platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram. Gain valuable insights, accurately distribute your royalties, and efficiently monetize videos through YouTube Content ID. Distribution Cloud offers complete transparency and no unnecessary fees.
Digital distribution
Royalty splits
AI-Assisted pitching
Expense tracking
Real-time sharing
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Boost reach & grow engagement

Marketing Cloud is your key to cultivating a dedicated fanbase. Grow your streams with intuitive optimization tools and harness the power of conversion-based technology for social media promotion. Gather valuable data, comprehend fan interactions, and strategize your next marketing moves.
Pre-saves & subscriptions
Real-time audience insights
Marketing strategy
TikTok Events API
Meta Conversions API
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Valuable data at your fingertips

Access real-time performance streaming and social media data via Analytics Cloud’s intuitive visuals. See where your tracks chart, which playlists feature them, and which influencers use them. Understand where your music resonates most, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
Playlist tracking
Chart tracking
Influencer engagement tracking
YouTube video tracking
Historical data access
Explore Analytics Cloud

Your AI productivity toolkit

Take advantage of artificial intelligence to generate lyrics, plan projects, create marketing strategies, and more. From crafting compelling press kits to producing engaging social media posts, Releese AI helps you turn ideas into reality faster, supercharging your processes.
Faster project planning
Marketing plans
Social media content
Presskit composition
Email pitches
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AI Assisted Releese DocGenerate a marketing plan for an album release, including social media and streaming platforms

Marketing plan

Personalized service

24/7 dedicated support

Our worldwide team is available whenever you require assistance or have a question. One-on-one sessions help you get maximum value from Releese, guiding you through branding, marketing, promotions, and more.


Tailored onboarding and training to get you set up as quickly as possible


Always available chat and phone support for your music and tech needs


Customized distribution services to help you navigate playlisting

Why music industry pros love Releese


Get immediate access to the powerful Releese toolkit

Make every aspect of music business management easier. Get ready for a future of streamlined music success with Releese.
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Pre-save my next release and I'll email you a surprise!

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Arman Cekin - Dawn artwork
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TikTokPaid on March 16
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Frequently asked questions

Got questions about Releese? Find your answers here.

What does Releese do?
Releese is a comprehensive music industry management platform. It equips music professionals with versatile tools to optimize their work, from planning and releasing music to monitoring performance and ensuring rights monetization. It's designed to simplify the often complex music business landscape, providing a one-stop solution for all your music-related operations.
How does Releese work?
Releese operates on an intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard that houses all its powerful tools. After signing up, you gain full access to its features, including distribution, project planning, marketing, analytics, rights management, and more.
How does Releese help me manage my music projects?
Releese offers a seamless experience in managing music projects from inception to execution. It provides tools for task management, team updates, workflow templates, and project tracking. You can organize all the essential elements of your music project in one place, making your workflow more efficient. Its integrated AI tools can further streamline your processes, helping you turn ideas into reality faster.
Can Releese assist in music distribution?
Yes, Releese simplifies the music distribution process. It allows you to easily deliver your music to top platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram. You can monitor royalties, track expenses, and efficiently monetize your tracks, all with high transparency and no unnecessary fees.
Does Releese offer tools for marketing and promotion?
Absolutely. You can grow your streams, optimize your social media promotion, and gather valuable data to strategize your future marketing moves. It offers real-time audience insights, pre-saves, and even an events API for TikTok.
Can I collect my royalties using Releese?
Yes. Releese ensures you collect every penny you're owed from your music. It simplifies the complex rights management process and enables royalty collection in over 160 countries. Whether you're an artist, songwriter, or producer, Rights Cloud can help you monetize your work quickly and effectively.

Manage your entire music business in one place