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5 Gb Storage
Release Planning
5 Projects
Unlimited Collaborations
15% Commission
For creators


Essential tools to manage your entire career from one place.Get started
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100 Gb Storage
1 Person
Unlimited Distribution
Smart Links & Pre-Saves
Rights Collection
Advanced Release Planning
Playlist & Chart Tracking
9.9% Commission
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Additional tools and storage for scaling and managing full catalogs.Get started
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500 Gb Storage
2 People Included
19$ / Additional Person
Project Management
Pixel Integrations
Custom Link Domain
Advanced Marketing Insights
Export Fans Data
4.9% Commission
For large teams
Bonus seat


Next-generation music management and financial tools.Get started
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1 Tb storage
3 People Included
19$ / Additional Person
Premium Support
Royalty Recoups
Album Accounting
Personalized Onboarding
Custom User Roles
2.9% Commission
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Releese Enterprise

For creators and teams that need centralized visibility, control, and support. Get Releese's powerful, intuitive music business management platform with the most advanced and tailored features and support that scale with you.
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Complete feature list


Storage5 Gb100 Gb500 Gb1 TbCustom
Included Users1123Custom
Cost Per Additional User19$ / month19$ / monthCustom
Release Planning
Metadata Management
Task Management
Unlimited Projects
Music Distribution
Distribute unlimited artists
Distribute unlimited labels
1 Analytics Cloud Label or Artist profile
Daily Spotify Streams
Playlist Analytics
Chart Analytics
TikTok and Instagram Video Analytics
Publishing Rights Collection
Neighboring Rights Collection
Custom Workflows
Task Manager Analytics
Custom Link Subdomain
Smart Links
Short Links
Pre-save Links
Collect Fan Emails
Export Fan Data
Advanced Task Assignment
Share analytics without branding
Tracking Pixels
Custom Marketing Link Domain
Meta Conversions API Integration
TikTok Events API Integration
Royalty Recoups
Expense Tracking
Territory Carving
Custom User Roles
Personalized Onboarding
Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently asked questions

Releese offers a free membership tier for users who want to discover the platform, and for individuals that get invited to collaborate with their peers.
Releese starts at 19$ per month for an Essential account.
Releese is available for monthly and yearly subscriptions.
Not sure which plan to pick? Schedule a demo with one of our specialists today and we will gladly find the right plan for you
Releese is committed to building a more efficient, collaborative, transparent and fair music industry. We do not require a subscription to withdraw royalties, and you will never be penalized for not having an active subscription. When you assign a split to a collaborator, they are charged the same transaction fee as your organization.
When you upgrade or downgrade your plan, your next royalty statement will reflect the rate of your new plan. Upgrading from a Pro plan to a Business plan will set your account on a 2.9% commission. Downgrading from an Essential plan to the Free plan will set your account on a 15% commission.
Yearly plans save you 2 months per year on every plan.
You can change your plan at any time, with no penalty to your account.
The security of our members data is our top priority. Releese is built with strict cyber-security requirements and protocols to ensure your privacy and data protection.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.
You can cancel your subscription at