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Empowering creators and their teams

We connect all layers of the music industry with a creator first mindset.
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About Releese

Our Objective

We are a proud mission-driven team with very clear objectives in mind.
Releese is a platform that streamlines and unites the music industry. It is built to help artists, record labels, artist managers, and their teams structure their business and assets, automate their workflow, and communicate efficiently between team members and collaborators. Our mission is to create the next generation of product offerings that are built for the music industry, and have creators at the center of it. The previously mentionned have too often been put second in this industry of titans.
About Releese

Our Mission

Manage your entire music business in one place. Plan projects, share them with your team, and distribute them, all with Releese.
Our mission is to empower creators, labels, managers, and their teams with a turnkey and intuitive platform that covers every aspect of the artist’s life cycle ”from start to releese.” We exist to streamline music industry business practices by offering a fully integrated platform that replaces the need to sign up with multiple individual services. releese exists both in response to a rapidly changing industry and at the forefront of driving change in the music industry.
About Releese

Our home

We are based in Montreal, Canada. Yes, we enjoy the cold!
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These are our core values

The below-mentioned are at the essence of every decision we make at releese
The music industry features some of the most opaque organizational hierarchies in the world of business and creation, we want to promote equal access to services, data and information. Our free and unlimited access blog, team oriented product offering and our communication will always have transparency at heart.
We believe in the power of working together, and this is something we take very seriously. Our organization is founded on multiple collaborations itself and we want to share that belief in our products by offering a suite of collaborative tools that aim to unite the music industry.
Customer service proves how much a business believes in their product, by offering 24/7 live chat support and an in-depth FAQ self-serve website we will ensure every customer is satisfied with our services. All customers shall be treated equally and fairly, we will make sure to apply our 2 other core values in our services.

Manage your entire music business in one place