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How to advertise your music online

How to advertise your music online

By Maxence Pepin
05 July, 2022

You have created your wonderful music and are ready to showcase it to the world. But, how in the world are you going to do that? How are you going to advertise your music online? What should you do to make people listen to your music online?

In the big competitive world out there, where talent and wannabe artists are abundant, how do you make your music stand out? What will make people want to listen to your stuff, especially when they are spoilt for choice?

This is where advertising comes into the picture.

Advertising is the art of convincing a person to buy things. It is a marketing communication tool that is used to sell a product, concept, or service. Correct and aggressive advertisement is sure to make people notice your music. Of course, many advertising firms are ready to advertise your music but at a price. Which may not be financially possible for an aspiring or a struggling artist. In such cases, the artist has to start to advertise his music on his own.

As everyone is well aware, in today's digital world, where millions are hooked online, advertising and selling one's product online sure makes commercial sense. But how does an artist go about advertising his music online?

This article attempts to explain how a young struggling artist can advertise his music online.

When it comes to advertising your music online, one must have an idea about the best social media platforms available at present for advertising your music. A list of these are as follows:

1. YouTube

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Bandcamp

6. SoundCloud

How to get it done

Advertising your music online is a great and a tried and tested method to make your product more visible to a wider audience.

There are various methods and tools by which you can advertise your music online.

Let us study in detail, how you can advertise your music online.

Music platforms

1. Make use of Artists Services

Distributing music to streaming services that have platforms for budding artists is the first step towards popularizing your music. Various streaming sites that release music on their platforms are Spotify, Amazon Music for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, YouTube for Artists, etc. Many of these services come with special features which are an added advantage. Eg. Spotify allows you to add your profile image, edit your artist’s biography and even glance at the streaming analytics, etc.

The best way to distribute your music to these services is on Releese (Obviously, but don't take our word for it and try it for free). You can check out this article that breaks down  how different distributors compare.

Facebook phone

2. Having a social presence is a must

Social media can provide a huge marketing service and this has to be fine-tuned to suit your needs. Having your appealing and exciting social media presence on important platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. is imperative if you want to get your music advertised to millions of fans out there. Be sure that those who want to search for you online can easily get access to you. We have also written an article on how to acquire more fans on social media, so check it out as this section could easily reach 1500 words.

Microphone Releese

3. Digital marketing

To reach out to a wider targeted audience, it is important to have a strong presence online on all the major social media platforms. Creating short videos for certain apps that are music-driven is an additional aspect that can aid in your digital marketing.

4. Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

EPK is a pre-packed digital resume of your music. It contains all the materials necessary for the promotion of your music and is sent to music influencers. It contains all the essential information about the artists like agents, venue bookers, record labels, producers, etc. Be sure to include your short bio-data, a few photos, videos, and of course, your contact information. It is a power-packed package that will aid the music influencers to get a deep insight into you and your music. You can download our free EPK template here.

Software code

5. Building a website and a mailing list

Building a website and a mailing list is an important step toward increasing your presence online. Besides this, having a huge and extensive mailing list is more important to reach out to the audience. Always remember that your website includes links to your bio, your images as well as a sign-up form for a mailing list. A link to your EPK (electronic press kit) where fans have the facility to listen to your new release is an added advantage. If you send an email about your latest music released to your fan directly to their inbox, they are more likely to read it.

Email list and laptop

6. Email marketing

Email marketing is sure to go a long way in helping you connect with your fans. It is a great way of promoting your music, announcing your new release, and giving you information about your tour dates, concerts, etc. Handing out flyers, and giving discounts for concerts are another way to attract fans and keep them interested in your music.

7. Music Blogs and Press

Can also serve in a big way to advertise your music. There are numerous music bloggers out there and the trick is to pitch your music to them. You have to learn to identify the music bloggers who cater to your music genre and request them to write about your music to boost its impact. Providing the music bloggers a link to your EPK and your most successful tracks is one way of creating a wider and stronger fan base. Use your music blog to familiarize your fans with you and create a bonding between you and your music. Press can also be used to create that necessary hype for your music, whether it is popular magazines or webzines, etc.

Timesquare Advertising for Music

8. Streaming and Playlisting

Streaming and Playlisting are the two main features that will help your music reach millions. Spotify, Apple Music, etc. have playlists that help your music reach millions of listeners across the globe. It might also help you earn eg. Spotify royalty. Public playlists that are user-maintained on streaming can greatly aid you in showcasing and advertising your music to the audience. For this, it is of help if you seek playlists that are for your genre or niche of music. Even if you can get your one song on this playlist and if your fans like it enough, they are sure to check out the rest of your album.

9. Be your own PR

For those who cannot afford the services of a professional PR, being your PR is the only way out. For this, you need to know the right journalist or blogger who can cater to your music niche and pitch them to help you advertise your music. For it is very vital that you create your electronic press release. This is supposed to contain all the relevant information about you, your music, and your activities- anything that will add spice to your personality as a musician.

Artist and cameraman shooting music video

10. Music Videos

Making your music video that is both exciting and engaging and releasing it is one sure-shot way to advertise your music. Remember to make your music video as original, and interesting as possible. Having a music video that is intriguing and exciting has the power to attract instant fame. The music video can be done professionally or if you are short of funds, you can do it yourself by simply shooting a live performance of yours and making a smart and catchy music video out of that, which will showcase your talent. The next step after making the video is to post it on your website or other social media platforms. This is bound to attract attention and will give you the fame that your music deserves.

Music festival

11. Play live

Playing for a live audience even if it is at a local venue is a great way of popularizing your music. It is also one of the best methods to connect with your fans face-to-face. Playing your music at coffee shops, college festivals, malls, festivals, bars, etc. is a step-by-step guide to advertising your music and creating a loyal fan base. Gigs, tours, and playing in different cities and venues day and night, though tiring, can advertise your music and it will help you earn the rewards in due time.

12. Having a strong team

Having a strong team is vital to building your brand as an artist and selling your music to an interested audience. For this, you may need everyone from an efficient Manager to a PR personnel to a radio plugger or a promoter and even a blogger. Together, they will accelerate your progress as an artist and do wonders in advertising your music. We even wrote an article on how to find the right manager.

Thus, in this article, we have seen that merely creating wonderful music is not enough. It has to reach the right audience at the right time through the right source. For this, we have to make use of various means to advertise our music online.

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