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Releese Product Updates | August 22

Releese Product Updates | August 22

By Maxence Pepin
18 October, 2022

What's new on Releese?

This August, we've shipped out multiple updates that aimed to make the Releese experience a better one. Gathering feedback from our users was of the utmost importance, so thank you for helping us take the platform to the next level.

We're rolling out new features, adding automations to our current products and overall making the platform easier to use.

We've made it easier to collaborate by retiring our old "Edit Project" system and revamping the Project view page, you can now control every aspect of your projects from one place.

Announcing Releese Notes

We love making Releese collaborative enough that you can build big things, as a team, from your dashboard.

We're making things easier with Releese Notes, a brand new integration for Projects that enables you to collaborate on a document in realtime.

Custom Taskboard Templates

We've made it easier to increase productivity with custom Taskboard templates. Simply convert a board into a template and re-use it whenever you need.

Marketing Cloud Automations

You can now create Marketing Links from a Project to copy it's information, set your Organization's default social icons and auto-scan Pre-save links from your UPC code.

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