How Trap City increased fan engagement by 44%

By Polina Bondarenko

01 May, 2024


The customer

Trap City is an independent media platform and record label based in the Netherlands with over 14 million subscribers and nearly 5 billion views.

The challenge

Rising social media advertising costs, a lack of music marketing tools, and no way to track ad-blocked browsers limit the growth efficiency of their music catalog.

The payoff

By switching to Releese Marketing Cloud, Trap City was able to reduce their listener acquisition cost by 44%.

The Customer

The go-to destination for the latest Trap music

The music industry has been growing at an accelerated rate since the adoption of subscription and ad-supported music has been made accessible in emerging markets. The team at Trap City were looking for a solution to exponentially increase their audience and revenue through digital marketing and content acquisition.

The Challenge

How to scale a music business without too much overhead?

The first step was to figure out their tech stack: the team needed solutions to manage large amounts of metadata, track listeners from social media to digital streaming platforms, and maintain low CPC on digital ads. “We have tons of great music, lots of cool artists but I want to build our catalog in a scalable way without too much overhead”, Idmon said.

The team had built their own in-house solution to create iOS 14 compliant redirect links to track ad campaigns across all devices but the solution wasn’t scalable and the conversion rates were difficult to measure due to the widespread use of pixel-blockers.

The team figured out that their solution would not be optimal in the long run and turned to Releese as a tech infrastructure to grow their catalog and audience.

The Solution

The all-in-one music business management platform

The team was able to connect their domain, Meta Conversions API and TikTok Events API to Releese. This allowed them to track advertising campaigns on Marketing Cloud and through their ad providers.

With their account properly set up in under 15 minutes, the team started by creating multiple landing pages to A/B test different creatives and call to actions. By keeping all links in a Releese Project, the team was easily able to compare results and optimize their results.

By having a better way to track their ad campaigns and bypass ad-blockers, the team was ready to get some data driven results.

“I already noticed a nice uptick in conversions on TikTok with the default ClickButton event Releese sent as opposed to the custom one based on url redirect that I've previously done”

With 20% of all web sessions including an adblocker, the team will benefit from server-side event tracking and reduce their CPC significantly.

The Payoff

Trap City reaches more listeners and can re-engage fans

Using their new tech solution, the team at Trap City were able to increase the traffic from their ads by 44%.

The team was also able to gain a better understanding of their most engaged fans using Releese Pixel tracking.

“This is such a game changer for labels that want to measure their campaigns correctly”

So far, Trap City’s use of Releese has delivered a significant ROI.

About Trap City

Trap City is dedicated to showcasing the newest and most innovative artists from around the world. They believe in the creativity, passion and uniqueness of each artist they feature. They are committed to providing a platform for up–and–coming artists to reach new audiences and to promote creativity, collaboration and positivity within the music community.

Written byPolina Bondarenko

Lina Cooper is a young up and coming pop songwriter, artist, producer, a graduate of Berklee College, a self-proclaimed Yellow Manic Pixie Dream Girl and a Ukrainian native currently residing in LA.