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Project planning for music

Project planning for music

Organize work with your team and collaborators on the only CRM that was designed to scale music businesses

Pre release
Share landing page
Make Instagram post
Release week
Send to radio
Text fans
Start advertising
Post release
Remarket release
Budget assessment
Plan for next album
Renew agreements

Join the best music management platform

Elevate your music and career by using the platform that was designed to make music business more efficient, collaborative, and transparent.
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Managing projects is as easy as...


Keep all your work in one place: Tasks, Notes, Chats, Metadata and so much more. Integrate your favorite tools like Google Workspace and Airtable in one click.
Task assignment
Due dates
Real-time updates
Cross-team taskboards

Pitch song to editors
Create presave link
Release rollout

Post teaser on social media
Send message to fans


Keep the communication lines open with realtime updates. Share progress, ask for help or simply say hi on any task you are working on.
Real-time messaging
Status assignment
Priority levels
Files storage
Just checked for you, it has been sent a couple days ago!
Happily, be right back with an answer...
Can you make sure we pitched the song?


Get a complete overview of your team's progress and workload. Get realtime charts to see statuses, spot potential issues and keep your projects on track.
Progress tracking
Edit history
Audit log
Track overdue items

Make it your own

Customize your tasks for any projects, and save time with re-usable templates to streamline your processes. Embed content in a project so you never need to leave your workstation.
Custom templates
Custom fields
Embed content
Google Workspace intergation
Airtable integration
Multiple views

But don't take our word for it

Collaborate on projects in realtime

Work with creators, labels, and managers on everything you and your team need to get done

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